Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Staying local, hanging out around local parks

Isn't that title misleading I started the day of when I set my alarm to go of at 08:30, I turned it off and decided I would rest my eyes a bit longer. When I opened them again it was 11:30, so I got up had some lunch then decided I would give a local gull a look over. So I headed over to the near by village of Fatfield and had a look at the following gull:

(Both images© - Steve Evans)

At first I couldn't find the gull but it then soon showed itself when some of the locals must have flushed it from a field. I got into the car and went to Mount Pleasant park (hence blog title) and I managed to relocate the bird on the river bank I think the same place as Steve's images show. Whnever I got my scope on it it flew off so I never did get my hoped for video or images. The bird is very flightly, at one point it was actualy on the pool area and I was stood well back on a public footpath and as soon as I got my scope on it. It was off! All the other gulls stayed put. I know gulls know if your looking at them so I think this must have been the problem. The above images don't reveal much but do I think its just a larus fuscus? Hmmmm............this bird is worthy of a second look I think! I managed this video of a local Redshank feeding, as always all videos are best viewed in 720HD:
Redshank - Fatfield, Durham

Here's about the only decent image of 10 taken:
(Redshank - Andrew Kinghorn)

A text from Mark alerted me to a YLGull he has seen on my local Gull site Chilton Moor! Drat, when I arrived nothing so I just headed into Rainton Meadows and up to Redpoll Hill. Nothing really of any note just usual Mealies and Lessers so I headed off to the hide where a nice relaxing 30 minutes of birding was had, a few of our commoner British species allowed me to get some vidoes of them for my ever increasing video collection of birds. Here are some videos I managed, enjoy:

Magpie - Rainton Meadows DWT

Kestrel - Rainton Meadows DWT

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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