Monday, 15 August 2011

The verdict is in!

Exactly a week ago today I set up a poll on my blog to see what people though, I asked people to vote seriously and as such I am guessing most people did. Some very interesting responses.

  • 37 people voted
  • 8 said they thought my blog was excellent
  • 16 said they thought my blog was good
  • 3 said they thought my blog was average
  • 4 said they thought my blog was poor
  • 6 said they though my blog was atrocious 
What was interesting was that 1 person threw their toys out the pram because I made another ID post and ceased to be a follower of the blog, more interestingly was the fact 2 of the 6 who voted atrocious voted within about the first 2 hours of the poll being put up! As I asked to vote seriously I found this interesting as they think my blog is so bad the appear to be sitting waiting for me to make a post. Go figure? LOL. However for those (if all) who voted seriously and said my blog was atrocious then please comment as I would like to hear why.

As a result of the poll I have decided that more than enough people seem to like my blog and will therefore keep posting on my blog for the foreseeable future. Thanks to all who voted seriously. 

Now time for some improvements, please comment below if you have any to suggest. They won't be posted up straight away as I have to moderate them before they are shown, so if you wish to remain anonymous and don't want your feedback posted up please just say. 

Until next time, Foghorn out!

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